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Our Values

Our Values

Through our work as both scholars and practitioners, we have come to the opinion that an almost obsessive focus on getting the culture right is the single best strategy to set an organization up for long-term success. For us, a positive and healthy workplace climate includes the following:

  • A work environment that is respectful, flexible, fair, and inclusive;
  • Capable leaders who inspire trust and who are uncompromisingly ethical;
  • Supportive management who continuously coach and develop employees;
  • Opportunities for employees to do work that feels meaningful;
  • Frequent, transparent, and honest communication;
  • Recognition and appreciation for good work;
  • Opportunities for employees to grow and develop; and
  • Accountability for adhering to the organization’s values and expectations.

We welcome the opportunity to work with executives and organizations who are in sync with the pursuit of these aims.

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