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Executive Perceptions about the Effectiveness of HR

In 2012, a study was initiated to examine how senior leaders in organizations throughout North America perceive the effectiveness of human resources professionals. The overarching objective of the study was to identify the issues most responsible for creating conflict between executives and HR practitioners in an effort to improve the working relationship going forward.

The study utilized a mixed-methods approach based on research conducted across three strategies of inquiry: (1) semi-structured interviews, typically lasting between 60 to 90 minutes, with 18 corporate executives located throughout North America; (2) surveys of 171 HR professionals conducted in two separate groups; and (3) a comprehensive review of the relevant literature.

Six strategies emerged from the analysis of the interview data that can be implemented by HR practitioners to improve their work relationships and organizational impact. These are:

  1. improve understanding of business fundamentals;
  2. partner more closely with corporate leaders and line managers;
  3. increase the use of measurement and metrics;
  4. improve speed of response and availability;
  5. simplify and eliminate unnecessary rules; and
  6. stop saying “no” and start providing alternatives with an assessment of the risk associated with each option.

Full article: Teresa A. Daniel, Published online in Employee Relations Today, Wiley Online Library ( DOI 10.1002/ert.21405

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