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Summary of Services

At InterConnections, LLC, the focus of our practice is to help organizations in their efforts to build a positive employee relations climate, eliminate counterproductive work behaviors, and create cultures of respect. In support of this focus, our consulting work centers around three key services: (1) Executive Coaching for Leaders and Managers; (2) HR Investigations, including employee misconduct, allegations of sexual harassment, and toxic workplace environments; and (3) HR Consulting, including executive and board-level performance evaluations, and the development of HR professionals and the HR function

Executive Coaching

We help organizations to develop and make the most of their talent. To this end, our work centers around three key groups:

  1. Senior executives who need to improve their managerial or interpersonal skills, or have been identified as creating negative workplace environments,
  2. New executives or managers who have recently been promoted into their roles, and
  3. Executives or managers who want to become more effective leaders.

HR Investigations

We offer confidential investigations related to alleged workplace misconduct with a primary focus on sexual harassment, ethical or policy violations, and workplace bullying.

HR Consulting

We assist organizations in the development of their internal organizational and HR functions, including:

  1. General consulting to senior leaders and/or HR practitioners who would like to confidentially discuss highly sensitive employee or policy situations.
  2. Coaching of HR professionals who would like to further develop their skills, including connections for SHRM certifications

Interconnections LLC is based out of Ashland, Kentucky, USA.

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