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    Summary of Services

    At InterConnections, LLC, the focus of our practice is to help organizations in their efforts to build a positive employee relations climate, eliminate counterproductive work behaviors, and create cultures of respect. In support of this focus, our consulting work centers around three key services: (1) Executive Coaching for Leaders and Managers; (2) HR Investigations, including employee misconduct, allegations of sexual harassment, and toxic workplace environments; and (3) HR Consulting, including executive and board-level performance evaluations, and the development of HR professionals and the HR function

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    Taming the Beast

    Although their approach is widely criticized, it is fair to say that bullies represent a functional part of many organizations. They come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and both genders. Bullying is targeted and abusive behavior. It is personally destructive and should have nothing to do with advancing legitimate organizational goals. Despite its negative connotations, though, anyone who works in an American corporation can easily see that arrogant and abusive leaders are frequently rewarded with promotions, increased pay and bonuses, as well as more power and influence. In a nutshell—bullying pays off. This paper will examine the ways American corporations unwittingly conspire to make workplace bullying a rational…

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    Two Execs Learn to Get Along

    Two senior executives of a large corporation, both valuable employees, were creating significant workplace stress and conflict for employees in their respective groups. The company engaged Interconnections LLC to work with them both individually and in sessions together. They engaged in pre-reading assignments for their individual monthly session about relevant cases and topics. Then each month we had a separate joint session. The role of interconnections LLC was to help facilitate their conversations and to help them understand better where the other was coming from. Over a period of six months, their understanding of each other increased and their workplace interactions improved. The result was that no one was terminated…