InterConnections, LLC was founded in 1998.  While specific services have changed over the years, they have always involved the value of people in organizations.  Much of the work has focused on leadership, whether through the development of young, emerging leaders, or assisting executives with difficult problems.  Delivery of services has ranged from keynote presentations, to multi-day or multi-week workshops and programs, to multi-year engagements as a part of internal organizational efforts, to formal research projects.  Sometimes the work has been done within, or in partnership with, universities; in the US, Finland, India, Japan, China, and other locations.  Clients have included federal executives in the US government, through the Federal Executive Institute; managers around the world with IKEA; major energy companies; and local or regional organizations such as healthcare networks.

InterConnections continues to develop, as do the challenges that all individuals and organizations face today.  Expectations of workplace behavior have increased, in some cases for the better (fairer, and more respectful), but the human engagement in many workplaces has not improved.  External challenges have increased, whether caused by health and societal issues (adapting to changing markets while employees work from home, caring for children), or environmental concerns (lowering energy usage, producing less waste, or making supply chains more sustainable).  As the scope of challenges has increased, so too have our learning and service offerings.  Our focus on the value of people in organizations remains consistent, though, and we welcome the chance to help people and organizations become more of what they hope to be.