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    Sullivan University dean recognized as thought leader on workplace bullying

    Dr. Teresa Daniel is recognized for her work on workplace bullying. Sullivan University dean recognized as thought leader on workplace bullying “It’s important for women to know that they don’t have to take it anymore,” Dr. Daniel, who is also an employment lawyer, says in the article. “I think the changes we are seeing with respect to sexual harassment after the #MeToo movement are going to spill over.” “Women are becoming more vocal because for the first time they have some confidence that they will be believed,” she said. “The atmosphere is changing, and corporations will hopefully realize they can’t tolerate any kind of bad behavior at work and will…

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    DR. DANIEL, QUOTED IN REDBOOK: Sullivan University

    DANIEL, PH.D., AN EMPLOYMENT LAWYER AND DEAN OF THE HUMAN RESOURCE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM AT SULLIVAN UNIVERSITY IN LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY IS QUOTED IN REDBOOK WOMEN NEED TO KNOW THEY DON’T HAVE TO TAKE BULLYING IN THE WORKPLACE Last year, 19.5 million American women were bullied at work. Infuriatingly, there wasn’t much they could do about it. Let’s all help change that. Redbook and TLC Network are teaming up to honor heroes fighting bullying in their communities. Here’s what three of our “Give a Little TLC” award recipients want you to know. My inbox was flooded — overflowing with incoming mail. I’d put out the call to a handful of experts and…

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    Redbook Magazine Quotes Daniel: Women Need to Know They Don’t Have to Take Bullying in the Workplace

    Women Need to Know They Don’t Have to Take Bullying in the Workplace Namie is skeptical of HR’s ability to broker change, and Teresa A. Daniel, Ph.D., an employment lawyer and dean of the Human Resource Leadership Program at Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky, agrees that going to HR can make things worse — and has in many cases. Nonetheless, she argues that it is the first step: “HR can be a great resource, but it depends on the culture of the organization. At organizations that say, ‘We treat everybody with respect and won’t allow this kind of interaction to stand,’ bullies end up either getting fired or quitting.” If…

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    International Symposium on Service Systems Science, 2015 Tokyo: Promises and Threats of Big Data, Presentation by Gary Metcalf

    Dr. Gary Metcalf, PhD, presents on the Promises and Threats of Big Data, at the International Symposium on Service Systems Science, February 2015 at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo. There is a followup of questions and answers after his talk. Watch it here: http://www.garymetcalf.com/extras/gary-metcalf-tokyo-2015.mp4

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    Executive Sexual Advances

    A senior executive of a regional firm viewed the small workforce as his own personal dating pool. Female employees felt uncomfortable accepting his requests for dinner dates, but were also conflicted about making him mad (which might impact their employment). Following an interConnectionsLLC investigation and after reviewing our recommendation, the executive was removed by the firm’s board of directions. After he was terminated, the females who had been subject to this harassment for many years sent us a dozen yellow roses in appreciation of our investigative efforts.

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    Bad Behavior from Senior Exec

    A senior executive often complimented female employees at work, making provocative comments that made them feel uncomfortable. He also was an equal opportunity “yeller”, frequently expressing expletives to both male and female employees. InterConnectionsLLC consultants were called in to investigate the facts and to determine if a hostile work environment was being created as a result of these frequent comments and also to determine how the organization could best move forward. The individual was subsequently removed from his position.

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    Two Execs Learn to Get Along

    Two senior executives of a large corporation, both valuable employees, were creating significant workplace stress and conflict for employees in their respective groups. The company engaged Interconnections LLC to work with them both individually and in sessions together. They engaged in pre-reading assignments for their individual monthly session about relevant cases and topics. Then each month we had a separate joint session. The role of interconnections LLC was to help facilitate their conversations and to help them understand better where the other was coming from. Over a period of six months, their understanding of each other increased and their workplace interactions improved. The result was that no one was terminated…

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    Young single mom illegally searched

    A young single mom worked for a fast food restaurant. An unidentified person made a prank call to the manager on-call at the site pretending to be a police officer. The caller told him that one of his employees was stealing money from the cash register and that he needed to search her before she left the premises. He complied, conducting an egregious strip search of the employee in the bathroom stall of the restaurant. A lawsuit was filed against both the company and the manager. InterconnectionsLLC provided expert testimony about the egregiousness of the conduct and made recommendations about how the company should remedy the matter. The former employee…

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    Gary Metcalf: Presentations, Workshops

    PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER Presentations New Books in Systems and Cybernetics podcast, about Social Systems and Design, Metcalf, G. ed. (2014): https://newbooksnetwork.com/gary-metcalf-social-systems-and-design-springer-verlag-2014/ Formalizing Leadership. 61st Annual Conference of the International Society for the System Sciences, Vienna, Austria. July 10 – 14, 2017. Crossing the line: An exploration into toxic leadership in the U.S. Army. (with Dr. Teresa Daniel), 18th Annual International Leadership Association Global Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, November 2 – November 5, 2016. Complexity and Wholeness. Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. October 31, 2016. Complexity and the Promise of Technology. H. S. Tsien Think Tank Systems Engineering International Symposium, China Aerospace Academy of Systems Science and Engineering, Beijing,…